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HAVANA, Cuba — John Kerry, the first American secretary of state to visit Cuba in 70 years, called on Friday for the Cuban government to do more to improve relations during a speech here celebrating the opening of the American Embassy.

“The president has taken steps to ease restrictions on remittances, on exports and imports to help Cuban private entrepreneurs, on telecommunications, on family travel, but we want to go further,” Mr. Kerry said under a baking sun.

“Just as we are doing our part, we urge the Cuban government to make it less difficult for their citizens to start businesses, to engage in trade, access information online,” Mr. Kerry added. “The embargo has always been something of a two-way street. Both sides need to remove restrictions that have been holding Cubans back.”

Mr. Kerry’s remarks highlighted an issue that has often been overlooked in the debate over the Obama administration’s decision to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba: Many of the steps that the United States is taking to encourage political and economic change here will fall short unless the Cuban government makes reciprocal moves.

Kerry in Havana

Source: New York Times