The C2 Project assists indeveloping all things of the heart; it is an entity of Entertainment, Arts, Art, Artistes, and Resources of and for the same. Exploring and marketing real Talent, Provide entertainment, the avenues of all sorts for the exhibition of such talent. We encompass Singers, Musicians, Poets, Dancers, Marketing, Radio and video Production, and so much more. There is always the full access to the talent and Human Resource to satisfy. The C2 Project Radio provides daily programming and music, focusing on the Gospel, its teachings, ministers who edify and seek God to do so. In the mix, worship is continuous, praise is consistent, and fellowship is encouraged.

Without Further Ado, We present to you Ministers of the Gospel! Soldiers for Christ! Armed in faith, righteousness, word, love, and peace!

We pray that from listening, you will be edified, encouraged, led to Christ, comforted, quailed from trouble, and anger, inspired to worship, prompted to soldier and so much more.

As we DJs always say, Keep it Locked! We also ask that you tell your friends.

Thank you for listening,

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