EBONY Magazine Honors Jekalyn Carr at the 2014 EBONY Power 100 in Los Angeles

Posted: November 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

EBONY Magazine

recognizes 17 year old Jekalyn Carr as one of The 2014 EBONY Power 100!


On November 19, in Los Angeles, EBONY Magazine will recognize the very best of the very best in Black America at an intimate celebration called– The EBONY Power 100 Gala.  On that list Jekalyn Carr is one of EBONY Magazine honorees. She will attend this event in LA along with many other notable actors, musical artist, business moguls, pioneers etc.. such as Beyonce, Steve Harvey, Pharrell Williams and many more.   Jekalyn received her first stellar at the age of 16 and most recently released her second national recording album entitled “It’s Gonna Happen”.  She has been said to be a part of a very distinctive few people to have two national recordings out before the age of 18.  Jekalyn is inspiring both the secular and the christian community with her works.  Be sure to look out for more details as this event take place.


Click here to download your copy of the IT”S GONNA HAPPEN” album by JEKALYN CARR


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