A New Way to Gather Audience Feedback, Go Beyond the “Like” Button

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Swipp today announced a new tool that allows Facebook users to gather rich, meaningful data around any topic. With Swipp Polls for Facebook, anyone can pose a question and instantly generate a data infographic that shows how the community thinks and feels.

Swipp built the tool upon recognizing that companies and organizations need better ways to leverage their investment in their Facebook communities. “Businesses have spent years building a following and collecting likes, but the ROI is often unclear,” says Swipp co-founder and CSO Charlie Costantini. “Swipp helps satisfy that need with a tool that gets people talking.”

No more sifting through long comment threads. Swipp Polls for Facebook captures a full range of sentiment on a numeric scale from -5 to +5, and displays it in a visually interesting graphic that shows demographic information like location, gender, and age.

“This is a powerful, economical way to reach not just your core community, but extended parties as well,” says Swipp CEO Don Thorson. “When anyone answers a question in Swipp, the poll is published to their wall. As friends join in, it spreads your ideas to a wider community.”

Insights for Brands
Find out what people think about your new products or test out ideas. Asking for feedback is easy, and Swipp sorts responses by geographic location, gender, and age.

Insights for Individuals
Get closer to the people who care about you by asking for their opinion. With Swipp, you can start getting answers in a matter of minutes.

Insights for Causes
Spread excitement about your cause faster by getting people to share their own thoughts. When they know you care, they’ll be more likely to get on board.

Why Use Swipp Polls for Facebook?

  • Create more engagement with friends and fans
  • Don’t settle for likes — get a whole range of reactions
  • Stop wondering what people think and start knowing for sure
  • View data immediately, in an easy-to-understand infographic

Built on the Swipp Platform
Swipp Polls for Facebook is another in a series of solutions built on the Swipp Social Intelligence Platform. Over the last three weeks, Swipp has announced an Email Insights tool, a WordPress Plugin, and widgets that add a social layer to any website or blog. The Swipp Platform collects sentiment data in real time, from any location, from any device, on any platform — allowing you to see what the world thinks in a single data dashboard.


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