What’s happening This week June 17-21

Posted: June 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Every Week, The C2 Project Radio is giving listeners gift after gift. If you live in Barbados or any where in the world. This week, we are giving Barbadians a few thumb drives. That way, you can save your pictures, music, and all your other precious soft copies.

Congratulations to our Last Winner Tamera Gooding!

We are also taking #SpotPraise around the churches in the island, so tune in to see if we are coming to your church. If you are outside of Barbados, and would love us to bring #SpotPraise to you, email us at info@thec2project.com

Just on Sunday, Russell Blackman went in on the Devil at Messiah’s House with a few friends

lets also take a look at out Top 10 songs on our TC2P Spirit Hits!

  1. DJ Nicholas – Nutten
  2. Nayan – Mr. Warrington
  3. A Few Good Men – Free
  4. Yankee B – Marching
  5. Papa San – Step
  6. Papa San – Smile Again
  7. Jason Mighty – My God is Good
  8. Shiselon – I’m Alive
  9. Kirk Franklin – Could Have Been
  10. Fred Hammond – I Feel Good

Vote for your favourite song to be included in our Top 10 Every Monday

Coming soon is the Top 10 Worship songs

Remember to submit your favourite Gospel Reggae Track.


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