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Posted: June 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Good Day Friends and Family! Thank you for your support in #SpotPraise “LIVE” 2013

God Helped us to turn up the heat, and Satan tried fighting back. Every step of the way we saw adversity, from sickness, to car accidents, to egos being disturbed,

God blessed us with All the Artists being present, praising and Exalting the name of the Lord God. We displaced Satan, and he scratched at every surface, but we pressed forward.

The Lord Blessed us with ministry of JoyAnn Harper, rendering “Favour” an important factor reminding us that we should not go back to beggarly elements of bondage because we are Free. JoyAnn also had the opportunity to sell some of her CDs as we know that all of out music ministers produce music as their livelihood. As a FULL-Time minister of the Gospel Joy Ann brought #SpotPraise to a fighting start.

Nicole Christian praised God in a different language, with “Keep you from Trouble” in a little Zouk Beton, and we still understood what praise she was giving the Lord. This is a voice that will be heard on CDs to come

Other Artists, such as Soul Winners, and Corner stone made their point to satan. God was glorified in every corner of the building, so we were winning.

Mr. War-In-Ton tek de ting an’ tun it UP! We were praying, fighting, observing the world and dancing in the name of Jesus. With a testimony of being a preacher’s son, one would not expect to hear Dance Hall coming from those lips. But God’s coal cares not who you are. Thanks Nayan

See it yah Now, Check it yah so. JOE! LINTON! took the stage on the heels of Mr. War In Ton and made a war Linton with the Devil. Forces combined took everything to another level, making room for not the High way, but Broadway Boys International. They knocked alot of Goliaths *Dead*Dead*Dead Fornication! Homosexuality! Sickness! Poverty! and we are still knocking them dead. The audience were on their feet Doing a whole lot of knocking dead.

BISHOP! We look forward to your CD Launch especially so that we can play “hands in the air” Every where we go. Thank you for sharing your God Given talents with us. We love the word that you bring. Every word snatched from the 66. “Hands in the air” was not the only piece we had to throw our heads back to. 13th Apostle! Brother Man, You took the stage to the Throne of God, and He was paying attention. The praises went up, and God’s nostrils were burning.

Ricky Broomes always knows how to make it homely, he sits on a melody like a baby in the arms if its loving mother. Ricky took us to the old school of worship, making God’s name great just like the good old days. He was not the only Ricky, as Pastor Ricky Kirton brought the word on “Speaking”. Watch that tongue, and make sure to bless someone. It is important to implement the word of God in out lives, and speaking it into out lives can quail much dead things, bringing forth life.

As the MC for the event, my task was not lonely. I was joined by the boys of Kids Bible Time on The C2 Project Radio. My lovelies, you did a fabulous job, great introductions, and even dancing. I love you boys.


Careen Carlton


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