I agree “Carnival is not our Culture”

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

I came across this article, and immediately wanted to share it. Whether it is carnival, crop over, mardi-grass, halloween, if it is going to compromise your salvation, come ye apart.


Some people say that Carnival is our culture in Trinidad and Tobago. I’m sure you all hear it across the region, that Carnival is your culture. In T&T we constantly hear that while we Christians may not participate in Carnival festivities, it’s still a part of who we are, because we are Trinbagonians.

How wrong could they be? They should know that CAMPING is our culture.

While you’re getting excited for Carnival, and listening to the early soca releases, we’re celebrating Christmas. Yeah Christmas. You know – the birth of Christ, who came to earth for the sole purpose of saving us? While many in the world are attending band launches, and looking at costumes, we’re busy preparing for church Christmas dinners, Sunday School concerts and family limes.

We’re also listening with excitement at where camp will be held this year, and talking to our Christian friends to find out where their churches are camping. Carnival Camp is a few days of immense fun!

After Christmas Day, when the world is starting to party what do we do? We’re celebrating Christmas still. The season doesn’t end on Christmas day. Didn’t you know that? There’s still season’s greetings to be shared!

Most of us fast during the first week or month of the new year, so your alcohol-filled fetes and all-inclusives would definitely be a no-no for a Christian.

Then comes the best part. We’re planning activities, packing clothes and other goodies to go to camp!

Yeah we have our gospelypso, gospel soca, Jamoo music that we listen to, but we’re off on our own beats. Who has time for Canival Monday and Tuesday when we can be having the time of our lives in camp?

Not to mention, whatever joys of this world you may enjoy during that season do not compare to the immense joys of Christianity and of an eternal life with Christ! It’s a better investment for us to refrain, thank you!

So Carnival may be a part of our culture, if you acknowledge that you see it as a festival, and we see ti as a camping season.

You have Carnival, and we have Carnival Camp!

Source: gospleglobe

Article written by an anonymous contributor.

Photo courtesy http://sanierogate.com


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