Christian Soldier Marching as to War!

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Some people think that this year began January 1. That’s for those who don’t plan. When 2013 began, many of us were ready, because we were planning all year long. The preparations were in various areas, not necessarily in the church.

Satan was put on blast when the year begun because we were waiting. Preparation is not just praying, its eating, right social mixing, consistent spiritual meditation with God, exercise, fasting, emotional garbage cleaning, education and a couple of other things. There will be a few bruises in the year, but nothing that with God on our side we can’t handle. Week 1 is gone. Week 2, ready?

The C2 Project encourages all ministers of the gospel to get out there and tell the world about the Lord God of Host, the whole earth is full of His glory and we have to share Him.

Satan will try his best to frustrate us, he will make things more difficult than they have to be. He will introduce strife when everything is smooth, and exhaustion when no work is done. There will be cracks in a perfectly good foundation because that is just what he does. A well oiled machine will break down for the simplest of reasons. Should we let Satan get to us? No! We will resist him, let him know that we have the authority to walk all over him. We have the strong man in us, called Jehovah Nissi who will fight our battles and provide the necessary things to stand strong.

Lets Move Forward

Careen Carlton

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