5 January, 2013 13:16

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2012 has been a year of preparation for 2013. God has broken many, and contrite hearts have been renewed. Broken bones are rejoicing and the Lord is being given praise. What ever you do in 2013, let God be glorified.

We at the C2 Project Radio want to thank you all for your support in 2012 and previous years. We will continue to grow and put God in all that we do. Many can look forward to being in our prayers, as we put petitions before God for all the music ministers across the world. However we can assist you, where and when, we will do so, with the grace of God.

In 2013, you can look forward to events that honour God and grow the kingdom in souls, talent and all things God has ordained.

On February 9, 2013 we begin our series of events with #SpotPraise “LIVE” 2 at M.E.R. Complex in River Road, St. Michael, Barbados. We are inviting music ministers from across the region to help us cry aloud with one voice, with praises that will burn the nostrils of Jehovah. If you are in the island, make sure to get your ticket for $20Bds.

We look forward to all the music ministers connecting with us to get their interviews, the web pages on our site, and promoting the free events for free.

After February, look forward to our Music Minister Competition. Visit our website and receive all the details Click here>>> https://www.thec2project.com/MusicMinister.php

Happy New Year family, God bless you all

Careen Carlton


Gospel Music for your Art and Soul
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