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Friday, November 30, 2012, The Island of Barbados is celebrating 46yrs of independence. To many, it may be just another year, and another day; however, if you know about the history of the Caribbean region, you now how much this means to our people. Not just Barbados, but the entire archipelago. It means we became our own government, and said how things were to be run with little or no interference from the European monarchy.

We are a free people, with the ability to make our choices about what ever we want. It’s that plain and simple. There have been, and still are challenges that we need to iron out, carry to the threshing floor as a nation and a region. However, we maintain our freedom, with a severed umbilical cord, and a continual emotional and cultural bond to the Monarchy.

Our Freedom is celebrated daily as we see that we can publicly tell others about Jesus, and how much he can do for them. So, this independence, introduce someone to a freedom where they can choose to depend on the Lord God, Jehovah, Jirah, El Shaddai, Elohim, Nisi, and what they need him to be.

Happy Independence, Barbados, from The C2 Project Radio


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Good Morning Family in the Most High God. Have a fabulously evangelistic day and tell a human about Jehovah, El Shaddai. Tune in and Join me on for #Cyberfellowship Join the ReVolution. WhaChuSay.

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Enjoy talking to people, getting ahead.   You need to be familiar with the following:

* Google Apps

* Skype

* Online Radio stations

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You will need to book our weekly and daily shows with other radio stations, speaking engagements, sell our advertising products, sell our website product and what ever else happens like:

*familiarity with gospel music and gospel music events and activities, marketing, research, word press, Facebook, twitter, design, broadcasting, document drafting, management, website management, script writing

* Answering email

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* Advanced scheduling includes interview handling, etc.

* Newsletter formatting & broadcasting

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* Article submission

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Flexible hours.  There is a weekday meeting every Monday, and Thursday at 9:30am over the phone or Skype.

You will need to be able to make voice phone calls to the USA, you can use Skype also.

* We need someone with a good hardworking ethic

* has a quiet place to work from home

* Computer must have 500 memory or better

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* USB headset


Send resume in English ONLY along with your Skype name to contact you.

Subject line Sales & Marketing Agent (if not, your app will be rejected)

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‘Riddim Culture’ presents Dancehall Reggae artist ‘Gyamma’ who prepares for his debut album launch ‘UNSTOPPABLE’ on 10 Nov 2012. (10-11-12)

Ahead of this highly anticipated album release they are introducing a new exclusive song from the album entitled ‘GRAPES IN A WINEPRESS’

to   about the ministry of Gyamma check the video links below: Blow di Trumpet (ft Ram1 )and the amazing Dancehall Fusion – Gyamma feat. RAM1 Sin Bad.  If you are in England, you are also invited to the Unstoppable ‘LIVE’ album launch where Gyamma will be giving an EXCLUSIVE performance of tracks from the Album at WCC, Hinton road, Bournemouth on 10.11.12 doors open 7pm. Also featuring on the night will be support from Tiko Angelos (from Trinidad) and Ram1 (MOBO 2012 nominee), music will be supplied by DJ RedZ THIS IS A LAUNCH NOT TO BE MISSED!!!! @Gyamma_

Tune in daily for updated Music news