Stand your Music-ground!

Posted: July 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

I know of many Christians that have given God away for a dollar, some popularity and good times. That lie is one from the pit of Hell, told by the smoke and screens of Satan.

Let the Word of God run like-ah lava ground, in the words of Prodigal Son from Jamaica, when the enemy comes take the bible inna hand, and bus’ it pan Satan.

There is nothing in this world worth loosing your soul over. Teach and preach the word of the Lord. Many secular now converted to gospel artist can attest to the fact that the music of the world is fleeting, the music of the Levis is soul changing, reflecting and many other things

One such artist that you can hear on our station is King Stitchie, as he tells his “Real Life Story”

Many artist have given their story, Kirk Franklin, Nicole C. Mullen, Jason Mighty, and as I mentioned Prodigal Son. We have many other stories from Artists int he Caribbean like St. Matthew, Hosziah Hinds, Nayan Warrington and more. Join us daily. We frequently get to speak to these artists. Tomorrow, at 115pm, we speak to Hoszia Hinds! Tune in and Listen Live!

Don’t forget we have that opportunity when you can through your head back and flash God a Smile!!! In #SpotPraise, Find your Praise Spot Every Weekday at 630pm

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