LET! God be the Minister, and you be the ministering tool

Posted: July 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
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​So many times, I see artists that are extremely blessed with the skill, and talent. (Yes, they are different). Nevertheless, I see many of them lose their peripheral vision. We know what we can do.

Satan, the enemy, the dark one, King imp, what ever yo choose to call him will cause you to lose your check if you don’t stop and take check of the situation that is in this world. The gospel needs to be popular, not you. The gospel needs to be displayed, not you.

Let the listeners see the word, let them pay attention to the Lord’s word and work. Regardless of how many were touched to come forward as you ministered for God, this is awesome reason to simply say, “The Lord worked visibly!”

When we let God Shine, others will say what was done. As you work for your God songs like the Jamaica group, “Change” did – “We nevah haffi dey yah! Gahd ah de one who bring we hay! ring loud –

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