The Wednesday Midday Digestive

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Good Afternoon, Update

The Midday Digestive is NOW!, Fill up your tummy with yummy, and we will give you those vibes that fill you up other wise. In the new testament, they were overcome. And that kind of overwhelming is a good kind, so, be overcome by the word and the Blood of the Lamb. Tune in

Sometimes, Life can be just so much, and it helps to share.

Speaking of sharing, we have coming up, our interview with Nicole Christian of Dominica. She speaks about her new releases, and upcoming plans. Don’t miss it.

Tune in now. Click on your preferred player to listen to the C2 Project Radio Live! or go to

Join us this evening at 630pm in Spot Praise! Find your Praise Spot, throw your hear back and Flash God a Smile!


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