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The Debut of “Mr. War-In-Ton” from Nayan Warrington.
Ah who dat? Nayan is a Dominican brethren who is at home in Barbados, with Jamaican, Antiguan, St. Lucian, Dominican and Trinidadian friends. He intends to make Christ, His message and His power to be known.
There is no one Genre that helps to mould this musician, but there is one that helps in identifying him and that is reggae. Nayan is releasing his first ever album this summer, and will be roaming the Caribbean ministering with his music you can find Nayan on
The Debut of Nayan's Mr. War-In-Ton

Congratulations to our brother from Trinidad, now living in Florida, Nigel Lewis
Nigel also released he album this summer, “Back to God”
THis is a strong message that is so needed today. We may hear it all the time from the pulpit, but it is so refreshing to hear the message in music, and the music we love. Nigel goes through the genres of calypso, ragga soca, reggae-ish style. I personally love I’m Ok. Have a listen here
Equally great is the fact that this man of God involves his wife in every aspect of his ministry, and she is the co-writer in a few of the tracks. Tune in to any weekday in Spot Praise to enjoy our high energy vibes of Thanksgiving

I was going through the Billboard charts for gospel music with a fine tooth comb does not make the find multiply.   As much as we may look we will not see gospel music as much as secular music. I will say though that the ones on are forces to be reckoned with. They are constant, and we know most of them.

I am ever proud of the Artists on the charts, and even more proud of the charts that are being created for and of Gospel Music.
Here are a few of them:


.  .  . and soon to come  .  .  .

  1. The C2 Project Radio Reggae Count Down – August 15
  2. Caribbean Church Music No. Ones – August 15

Remember you can listen here and be sure to refresh when your player stops

When ever you want to hear the latest release in Caribbean Church Music, is the perfect place to go. Every week, we will be interviewing new artists, as we need to keep the public in the know of what is happening around the world.

All New artist can submit their music to musicsubmission@thec2project.comalong with their bio, and other details that may be necessary

Today was a reclaimable day. Everything that seemed to have slipped away can be something to be thankful for. Simply because we serve the Deity that can restore, return, give again, fix, remove and build again, and all those Brand new words you can think of.

We all have reason to rejoice, and count blessings. Join me in Spot Praise this evening at 630pm on

At 1:15pm today, we will be having a LIVE! conversation with Gospel Reggae artist, Hoszia Hinds. Join us as we talk about his ministry, his transition to the north from Barbados, with his entire family and where he has been. Tune in and join us – on The C2 Project Radio

He has had to do so many things on his own for so long, we know he welcomes the help in propelling this ministry

​So many times, I see artists that are extremely blessed with the skill, and talent. (Yes, they are different). Nevertheless, I see many of them lose their peripheral vision. We know what we can do.

Satan, the enemy, the dark one, King imp, what ever yo choose to call him will cause you to lose your check if you don’t stop and take check of the situation that is in this world. The gospel needs to be popular, not you. The gospel needs to be displayed, not you.

Let the listeners see the word, let them pay attention to the Lord’s word and work. Regardless of how many were touched to come forward as you ministered for God, this is awesome reason to simply say, “The Lord worked visibly!”

When we let God Shine, others will say what was done. As you work for your God songs like the Jamaica group, “Change” did – “We nevah haffi dey yah! Gahd ah de one who bring we hay! ring loud –

Stand your Music-ground!

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I know of many Christians that have given God away for a dollar, some popularity and good times. That lie is one from the pit of Hell, told by the smoke and screens of Satan.

Let the Word of God run like-ah lava ground, in the words of Prodigal Son from Jamaica, when the enemy comes take the bible inna hand, and bus’ it pan Satan.

There is nothing in this world worth loosing your soul over. Teach and preach the word of the Lord. Many secular now converted to gospel artist can attest to the fact that the music of the world is fleeting, the music of the Levis is soul changing, reflecting and many other things

One such artist that you can hear on our station is King Stitchie, as he tells his “Real Life Story”

Many artist have given their story, Kirk Franklin, Nicole C. Mullen, Jason Mighty, and as I mentioned Prodigal Son. We have many other stories from Artists int he Caribbean like St. Matthew, Hosziah Hinds, Nayan Warrington and more. Join us daily. We frequently get to speak to these artists. Tomorrow, at 115pm, we speak to Hoszia Hinds! Tune in and Listen Live!

Don’t forget we have that opportunity when you can through your head back and flash God a Smile!!! In #SpotPraise, Find your Praise Spot Every Weekday at 630pm

Times are changing. There is nothing that says that we need to adjust Christianity to suit the changing times. We serve and unchanging God, and He is out example. Let this stability be reflected in everything that we do and say. Music is one of those things than can be constant in the words we use to minister to people.

Tune in at 11am to and share a beautiful Thursday with me. Lets listen to Music ministers who are sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, Caribbean, Lain America, North America, Africa and Europe. World Music for the soul.

Later, we will repeat our interview with James Bascombe, discussing his journey as a missionary on The Logos Hope.

Feel free to share your views with me as well. It is welcomed. Listen Live

The Midday Digestive is NOW!, Fill up your tummy with yummy, and we will give you those vibes that fill you up other wise. In the new testament, they were overcome. And that kind of overwhelming is a good kind, so, be overcome by the word and the Blood of the Lamb. Tune in

Sometimes, Life can be just so much, and it helps to share.

Speaking of sharing, we have coming up, our interview with Nicole Christian of Dominica. She speaks about her new releases, and upcoming plans. Don’t miss it.

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